Vicious Bear is released on March 31, 2023 in Spanish cinemas, but the film has been available in theaters in the United States for over a month. From, Many comments have been posted about the Vicious Bear post-credit scenes. Is there really? How is it possible that they exist if the story is inspired by real events? How many are there and what do they mean?

if you have already seen vicious bear and you left the room before time, Here you will find all the information related to the post-credits scenes of the film and their meaning. Is a sequel possible? Or are they irrelevant?

The vicious bear has 2 post-credits scenes: its meaning

WARNING: From here you will find SPOILERS for Vicious Bear.

Vicious Bear’s first post-credits scene

Right after the movie ends, a few seconds after the credits, we see mustache hitchhiking to New York, the city he would be moving to with his two deceased friends. Stache carries a bag of cocaine with him as he gets into the truck full of sheep.; He was going to put her in the back with the sheep, but he realizes that can cause chaos as has already happened in the mountain with the bear. Is it a chance to do Vicious Sheep?

The second post-credits scene of Vicious Bear

The second scene takes place a little later, already in the credits, and we see Eddie reunited with his son. Remember that when Eddie there daveed they left the park, corrupt police Reba I give them to Eddie the dog Rosette. Back to the meeting between father and son, daveed he realizes that the animal is eating something. Specifically, both of her fingers have been severed, so they can no longer be surgically reattached.

Does this bear scare you? I assure you that you will empathize with him

Either way, they’re pretty ironic post-credits scenes that don’t go beyond keep laughing with the characters and their situations. However, the the possibility of a sequel to Vicious Bear is in the first sequencealthough this has yet to be confirmed.

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