Puerto Rican entertainer will fight again in WWE upon his return to Puerto Rico

The international music superstar bad bunnyturned out to be a fan of the WWE for many years. His training and dedication to professional wrestling grew to the point of competing in the ring. There WWE returns to Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican will fight in a street fight contra Damien Priest. If you want to know All the details on Bad Bunny’s new WWE fightPlease continue reading this article.

Bad Bunny vs. Damian Priest in Puerto Rico

The announcement of the fight took place during the last broadcast of WWE RAW. After the fight of Rey Mysterio there Damien Priest, Bad Bunny appeared with a kendo stick and without giving rise to explanations, he rushes straight at Priest who, after having received several blows, ends up fleeing the ring. It was then that Bad Bunny announced that he would no longer be hosting the event. WWE Backlash in Puerto Ricobut would engage in a “street fight” against Damien Priest:

Hey Damián, I don’t know if you know; but I will not be hosting WWE Backlash. Now I’m going to Puerto Rico, to kick your ass. May 6, Backlash, at my place Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny Damian Priest in a bastard street fight, let’s see if it’s true that you are a man”

There street fight it is a type of combat in which there are no rules. Any fighter can intervene during the fight and weapons such as baseball bats, chairs, fire extinguishers, tables or any of the common tools of the fight can be used. WWE. The only rule is that the surrender or count to 3 must take place inside the ring, not outside. This fight between bad bunny there Damien Priest will occur in WWE Backlash 2023 on Saturday, May 6 at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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