a few hours ago, Agoney returned to show signs of life on social media after a few weeks of absencealthough the Canarian singer never completely disappeared: after his performance at the Benidorm party with the song i want to burn (with whom he was about to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest) had participated in the Generación D gala organized by RTVE and in the Drag Gala in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, continuing to promote the song that brings so much joy (And another headache) had brought him.

Besides, At the beginning of March, he shared his anti-stress therapy with us: the renovation of his house in Tenerife.who occupied him between the disappearance of the gotelé and the visits to Ikea with his companion Marc Montojobecome one of the essential members of his artistic team.

On the night of April 25, as we mentioned, he returned to his Instagram stories to communicate directly with his fans, start a series of quick questions where he solved some of the problems that crossed the minds of his followers the most in the last few weeks.

Between breaks from studio work, one of the first questions referred directly to the status of the creation of his second album. One of his fans asked “Where is the record? As a percentage, for example“. A question the artist decided to answer with the fire emoji and two words “very crazy”, while in the background we hear his producer say: “It’s crazy, man“.

When another of his fans wrote “we miss you…” Agoney took the opportunity to explain his disappearance from social media: “I’m working like never before to bring LOTS and GOOD music. I have a lot to say and I need to share it with you now“.

Moreover, he left up in the air a possible trip across the pond to visit his supporters in Mexico. “It’s time” he commented, fend the series of questions with a leak of only a few seconds in which he can be heard singing “It’s me who lost”.

Not sure if this is the next topic to see the light of day (and still with no release date in sight), what we’re clear on is that Agoney is a clear example of what can be achieved with effort and improvement. His work has always had an impeccable quality and we are sure that all upcoming music will continue to win the hearts of all his fans. Until then we can keep playing i want to burn.

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