Seven people were wounded by gunshot wounds in the touristy neighborhood miamense from Wynwood on Friday night, right at the start of the long Memorial Day weekend that traditionally sees thousands of visitors and often violent incidents.

A few minutes before midnight, the local police came to Wynwood, one of the main fashionable neighborhoods of the city thanks to its art galleries and restaurants of varied gastronomy, after receiving emergency calls in which they were alerted that several shots had been registered.

The seven gunshot wounds were transferred to nearby hospitals with no fatalities yet to be reported, and police have not reported any arrests or identified suspects in this incident.

The local authorities had announced the reinforcement of security measures in the face of the arrival of thousands of people this weekend, which for many represents the unofficial start of summer trips in the USA.

Airport Miami It anticipated about 110,000 daily passengers during this long weekend, which is the highest number since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020.

The city of Miami Beach had announced restrictions for the weekend of Memorial Day, which is celebrated on May 31 and honors its military personnel killed in service, which include, among other measures, limits on the number of people on the beach and controls on access to the city.

The measures are intended to avoid the excesses that occurred in the past “Spring Break”, The spring break and during which dozens of people who did not respect the preventive norms of COVID-19 were arrested and confronted the police, in addition to seizing firearms.

Added to this is the experience of previous years, in which hundreds of thousands of young people, largely black, “they took”This weekend of Memorial Day the streets of Miami Beach.

The police are always specially preparing for this weekend when thunderous hip-hop music, dancing and drinking often led to late-night brawls and altercations.

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