Woman who accused the governor of New York of groping her speaks for the first time

Woman who accused the governor of New York of groping her speaks for the first time

A former aide who filed a criminal complaint against the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, for allegedly groping her at the Executive’s Albany mansion, will speak publicly for the first time in an interview to air Monday, saying the governor “has to be held accountable”.

Brittany Commisso is one of the 11 women for whom Cuomo is charged with sexual harassment, according to an investigative report released by the state attorney general’s office last week.

So far, Cuomo has resisted widespread calls for his resignation, even from fellow Democrats like President Joe Biden, but he could soon face impeachment and removal from office by state lawmakers.

Commisso, identified only as “Executive assistant number 1” in the report, she told state investigators that Cuomo stroked her chest on one occasion, the most serious accusation the governor faces. She also said he rubbed her butt while taking a picture of her.

Last week, she filed a criminal complaint with the Albany Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Craig Apple told reporters Saturday that his agency and the county district attorney’s office would conduct a thorough investigation before determining whether a criminal charge is supported.

In an interview with CBS News and the Albany Times-Union set to air Monday morning, Commisso said it filed the complaint to hold Cuomo accountable of his acts.

“What he did to me was a crime”. She said in an excerpt published by CBS on Sunday.

Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing, although he has acknowledged that his efforts to be affectionate to the people he meets may have made some uncomfortable.

His lawyer, Rita Glavin, told reporters on Friday that the account of Commisso was fabricated, citing emails and other documentary evidence that undermine her story.

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