William Levy He is one of the actors of the moment, a real favorite who, after years of playing in soap operas, has again triumphed with the Colombian series Coffee with a woman’s scent. His success in Spain is such that our country relied on him to give life to the main character of Monte Cristothe new series of Movistar+ created by Lydia Fraga there Jacobo Diaz which adapts and updates the classic written by Alexandre Dumas.

On the occasion of his premiere, he will attend this afternoon the first from Montecristo to Madrid, but Yesterday he visited El Hormiguero for a long talk with Pablo Motos about this and other works. And the presenter, curious about a specific subject, did not hesitate to ask William Levy on the sexual scenes that you often record…

This is how William Levy records sex scenes

In the first place, Paul Motorcycles I present William Levy as “Latino Brad Pitt“, who at the age of 42 claims to have withstood the passage of time very well: “I take it well. You have to evolve in life, physically and mentally. You have to accept things as they come. It is part of our life, of our being, of being human. I believe that life has special things at every age“. A much applauded reflection, pronounced by someone who does not seem to blame himself for having already passed the barrier of 40 years. Now he joked about the effect the hangover has on him now: “before you could drink whatever you wanted, now you drink and after 10 minutes you are already hungover“.

But the most interesting question for fans of William Levy came immediately after, when Paul Motorcycles He asked her if he recorded the Monte Cristo sex scenesincluding some more or less explicit nudes that appear:

Montecristo opens on Movistar+ on Friday, April 21, 2023
  • The actor claimed not to have used doubles for these sequences.
  • Now you feel nervous about the first of this Tuesday, April 18 because “It’s one thing to see him with his friends, but seeing his ass with 2,000 people next to you is not the same“.
  • worked with him coach privacy for these sequences: at first it cost him. But he thinks this role is very necessary in shows like Monte Cristo with a lot of nudity and sex scenes.

Monte Cristonow available in the US via Vix+opens in Spain next Friday, April 21, 2023. William Levy, Robert Henry, Pepper Emerald there Silvia Abascal star in this new version of the classic written by the French author Alexandre Dumas.

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