I think if you ask 10 people if they think the live action of “A play“or not, surely 8-9 will receive you with a resounding negative response. Can the public be blamed for not having confidence in these projects? I certainly do not think so, because in the end the mistrust brought him the West within reach of hand with weak interpretations. sadly, if what an insider says is true, it looks like Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ is on the same path to failure.

One Piece Live-Action Would Be An Absolute Disaster On All Levels

So I leave you with what he revealed @DivinitySeeker1An insider who claims to have a Netflix-connected source with knowledge of the first live-action “One Piece” insider views:

  • First, the insider commented on two key points: the CGI looks awful and the story makes no sense to those unfamiliar with the One Piece manga/anime. So much so that it ensures the project’s writers write entire episodes from scratch.
From left to right, the actors of Sanji, Zoro, Usopp, Luffy and Nami
  • Apparently, the first half of the first episode of live-action One Piece is ALL flashbacks. The Thing starts with a young Luffy and eventually shifts to the present with intros featuring Nami, Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp. The latter occurs during the last 15 minutes of the first chapter. Obviously, this type of presentation has absolutely nothing to do with what Eiichiro Oda did for each of the characters.
  • In addition to the fact that the make-up and general tone of the series doesn’t seem to work properly, there’s an inconsistency that has left many fans in despair: the Baratie appears in Chapter 3. This means that despite Sanji appearing in Chapter 1 of the live-action as Luffy’s nakama, the restaurant doesn’t arrive until later.

One thing that I find interesting and that the insider also comments on is that apparently the live-action moves too much in the extremes: sometimes excessively comic and sometimes extremely serious. Obviously, the original show works like this on several occasions, but that is precisely the difficulty that falls on the live action: do something that is “cringe” in nature but works animatedly not “cringe” when you put it in real life. Obviously, none of this should be taken at face value as it’s a leak, but it inevitably raises doubts about the live-action “One Piece.”

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