After a hectic week at The anthill 3.0. With the confessions of David Bustamante, the visit of Belinda and the bombing of Pablo Motos about one of the next guests who will host the corner of Antena 3, the entertainment program now returns a week more willing to fill all headlines media again

The Antena 3 program returns like every evening for prime time wanting to offer fun, laughter, challenges and, above all and what we like the most, many interviews. Pablo Motos is ready to welcome new faces to the legendary Atresmedia set with his ants. From Monday to Thursday, from 9:45 p.m., the entertainment area is back on its feet.

Then we will meet all the celebrities who will visit The anthill 3.0. between Monday 17 and 20 April 2023:

Monday 17, William Lévy

William Levy in ‘The Anthill’. / Antenna 3

The week gets off to a good start with a visit from actor and producer William Levy. The interpreter will present Monte Cristothe new series that stars in and will land on Movistar+ on April 21.

His new professional project concerns a modern adaptation to the current world of Alexandre Dumas’ classic. There, the actor will give life to a mysterious successful businessman who bursts into the world’s elite, without anyone knowing where he comes from or the origin of his fortune.

March 18, Lola Indigo

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Lola Indigo in “El Hormiguero”. / Antenna 3

The music returns one more week on the set of the anthill, this time by Lola Indigo. The grenadine has just released its new album, The Dragonwhich includes songs like Broken hearts, the fool there The Saint, among others. Likewise, he will talk about his next tour, which will begin on May 6 at the WiZink Center in Madrid.

Wednesday 19, Rosario

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Rosario in ‘El Hormiguero’. / Antenna 3

Once again, music will once again be the center of attention on the set of Pablo Motos. Responsible will be Rosario Flores herself, who will sit down to talk about the new edition of The voice of children which started last Saturday in prime time on Antena 3.

Likewise, the artist will also tell us about the experience of the opening of the Lola Flores Museum in Jerez, coinciding with the centenary of the birth of the mythical pharaoh.

Thursday 20, Ana Polvorosa and Michelle Jenner

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Ana Polvorosa and Michelle Jenner in “El Hormiguero” / Antenna 3

The week ends with the visit of actresses Ana Polvorosa and Michelle Jenner. The two performers will talk about the series you would too, available April 26 on Disney+. This new fiction will take us straight into a robbery that both will lead hand in hand on a Barcelona bus line.

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