A game that’s a visual spectacle, and that’s how a Jurassic Park-inspired title should be

I do not know if you have already seen a film of the saga Jurassic Park, but if you haven’t, you’re taking a long time because they are undoubtedly one of the best action adventure movies in history. And as with many films of an enormous caliber, there were games although they were not action and it is not that they were so successful. But I still think there’s still the potential for a studio to make a great video game and release it.

Well, I’m going to talk about something like that today. No, unfortunately there is no game in development on jurassic park Let it be said, but the community of fans of the saga has done its job by imagining what the video game would look like with incredible graphics and more focused on exploration and action. Come on, a full-fledged open world, and it sounds crazy.

The Definitive Jurassic Park Video Game

They were companions of TeaserPlay those who once again created a trailer with unreal engine 5 of what a game would look like, which in this case is one on Jurassic Park. You can see it just below:

  • As you can see, that would be an open world where you can go on foot or by car
  • You can have your weapon to defend yourself from dinosaurs that might attack you
  • But if there’s anything that stands out from the video, it’s its incredible graphic level in terms of decor, lighting and others
  • Of course, since this is not a project that is going to be finished, some sound bugs and weird animations are noticeable
  • Despite everything, the result is a great show

What do you think of the result? It is certainly surprisingly spectacular. I hope one day they will make an open world action game on jurassic park make it a masterpiece.

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