Nine editions are never enough for a successful program that thinks only of adding, adding and adding. Then yes, come back Your face is familiar to me and with new candidates. The program starts this Friday and does it in a big way with a new edition, since competitors from other editions will participate to commemorate its tenth anniversary, such as Jadel.

We’ve already met plenty of faces that will keep us entertained on Friday nights, some of the well-known ones and some we may not think we know but grew up with. This is the case of Andre Guash, who at 32 is about to experience one of the key moments of his career.

Is actress, singer and It is trained in dance and performing arts however, his journey through Your face is familiar to me she is going to give him this little boost so that the public rediscovers how much she is a great artist.

Her past as a “Disney girl”

Over the years, she has carved out one of the most enviable resumes in the theater world despite not being one of the best known. Wow has been in musicals as Peter Pan, Today I can’t get up oh The call Javis, but there is more. Also We have seen it in television series as Central Hospital, tell me how it happened oh Commissioner.

However, if there is anything that can be considered the rise of one’s professional career, it is her time on Disney Channel. It was in 2006 when the actress signed for the famous children’s series Class change bringing to life Valentina, a character that boosted her popularity and grew with her.

He won the love of the little ones and, in addition to giving voice to the song of the Wizards of Waverly Place traveled to the United States to participate in the Disney Channel Games: The Disney Olympics.

The “new Chanel”

And while some of the above may already sound familiar, what not everyone knows is that Andrea was Aless Lequio’s first girlfriend. It was a short relationship, but they didn’t end as dog and cat. However, the love of her life came later with Rosco her husband and her partner in crime In Flamingo Hotel her musical group.

Although Your face is familiar to me hasn’t started yet, Andrea Grush seems to have imposed herself with force in this edition. We don’t know if it was intentional or not, but one of her performances leaked and it didn’t take long to go viral, and it’s no wonder!

Everything indicates that it could cause a sensation in the new edition of the talent show and it is that her imitation singing and dancing to the rhythm of Slow motion Just like Spain’s representative did at Eurovision, she’s called herself the “new Chanel.”

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