Sons of the Forest is getting a new boss, a new cave, and a big story overhaul

Sons of the Forest is getting a new boss, a new cave, and a big story overhaul

Endnight has just delivered a sweeping update for Sons of the Forest, bringing a host of fixes and new features to the Steam survival game, including a new cave, new boss, enemy changes and weapon spawns, and much tougher rabbits and squirrels. . While we’re still awaiting the full release date of Sons of the Forest, with the game currently in alpha, there’s plenty to get your teeth into in the new SOTF patch.

Alright, first, the new Children of the Forest cave. Endnight confirms that a brand new underground system has been added to the Sons of the Forest map, while the coveted Golden Armor has been moved to a new location. Hell’s Cave also has additional trigger locations now, and there are a few other dead cultists scattered around the map.

Perhaps even bigger is the new demon boss that has been added at the end of the Hell Cave section. We won’t spoil anything here, but if you think you’ve faced some of the toughest enemies Sons of the Forest has to offer, think again.

Naturally, a new boss means a somewhat reworked ending and some lore changes. The official patch notes simply mention “additional story elements”; we’ll let you discover them, intact, for yourselves.

Eating MRE now will go a long way to restoring his satiety, but, in what might be the best sentence I’ve written all week, the cat food has been significantly nerfed and won’t fill him up like it used to.

This hunger could be compounded by changes to Sons of the Forest’s rabbits and squirrels, which are now much more elusive and much harder to catch. The item duplication cheat on storage media has also been reverted and your chainsaw charge won’t last as long.

On the bright side, that game-changing issue where enemies would spawn in your base and torches would glow brighter for better visibility has been resolved. You can also use off-hand items while on the glider now and blades and bills now provide more fuel. You can view the full SOTF patch notes here.

Find out how to get the Children of the Forest shovel. You will also need the Sons of the Forest binoculars and the best Sons of the Forest weapons, if you really want to survive.

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