Who are the detainees for protesting the US-Cuban game?

Who are the detainees for protesting the US-Cuban game?

Protests during the game in which the United States beat Cuba 14-2 and secured a bye to the World Baseball Classic final in Miami left at least four detained.

Cuban exile in Miami took advantage of the meeting at Ioan Depot Park in Little Havana, to protest against the dictatorship on the island, and during parts of the meeting there were people who took to the ground with banners in favor of the release of political prisoners in Cuba, many of them for having participated in the demonstrations of July 11 (11J).

Miami-Dade police confirmed there were four arrests and they were charged with trespassing. Here we tell you who they are and what they are accused of.

Cuban artist and activist El Sexto charged onto the field with a banner during the World Baseball Classic semi-final.

Danilo Maldonado, a Cuban artist and activist known as El Sexto, spent 10 months in prison for planning an art exhibition on Christmas Day 2015, in which he painted “Raúl” and “Fidel”, the names of the Castro brothers, on two live pigs.

“I can’t separate art from activism. I couldn’t make art out of dreams, paint flowers and beautiful things when right next to me there are women who are being beaten,” continued El Sexto, in an interview with Amnesty International. , after his release.

In January 2017, El Sexto arrived in Miami, after the lifting of a regulation imposed by the authorities of the island. Danilo Maldonado has won the Václav Havel International Prize for Creative Dissent, awarded by the Human Rights Foundation.

In the United States, he remained active in calling for demonstrations and demanding the freedom of political prisoners in Cuba. That was the message on the banner he took to the grounds of Miami’s LoanDepot Park.

“What I hoped was that the message would be seen, as much as possible, they have a lot of power (the Cuban authorities). This is not the first time that I have waited for the precise moment to deliver my message (. . .) it’s not the people of 11J (protesters imprisoned in Cuba) sitting alone,” El Sexto said on his release from prison.

His arrest record says he faces a trespassing charge and his bond has been set at $1,000.

Carlos Manuel Álvarez, journalist, writer and activist. He is part of a new generation of Cuban writers and columnists, he is the director of the digital narrative journalism magazine El Estornudo and in 2022 he won the Anagrama de Crónica award for his work. intrudersin which he recounts the protests organized by the San Isidro Movement.

In November 2022, Álvarez had planned to travel to Cuba on the 20th and was unable to do so because, according to him, the authorities of the Cuban regime did not allow him to enter. On his Facebook account, he said American Airlines officials told him they couldn’t let him board.

“The political regime of my country has just refused me entry to the island. The airline officials could not offer me any explanation, only that they cannot allow me to board. refused from Havana, they told me. I am calm, the pain is already permanent,” he wrote at the time.

“Un policía me preguntó por que lo hice. Porque tengo amigos presos políticos, le dije. this Monday .

His arrest record says he faces a trespassing charge and his bond has been set at $1,000.

In the three books he has written so far, Álvarez has shown the importance of freedom and individual experience to develop his work.

Not much is known about his activism about Antonio Fernández, another of the confirmed detainees so far, but according to the arrest sheet he is 35 years old and jumped into the field in the seventh episode, shortly before the end of the meeting.

Like the other inmates, his arrest record indicates he faces a trespassing charge and bail was set at $1,000. They were all transferred to the TGK prison and this Monday morning they were released.

Regarding the fourth detainee, Telemundo 51 was unable to confirm his name and authorities did not share any information.

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