Bellodrama It is already in our hands and with it 15 new songs that Ana Mena has been working on over the past two years to give shape to a project released on March 24 at midnight. An album in which our favorite Italian from Malaga pays her own tribute to pop but, in reality, moves freely through genres and styles such as bachata, reggaeton, electronic music and Caribbean rhythms. There is nothing!

In this album produced between Italy and Spain, there are different collaborations that we have come to know over the past months and weeks. Natalia Lacunza and Belinda accompany the singer in Me he pillao x ti there Tired 12 respectively, in addition, Ana Mena wanted to include as a bonus the two one step away from the moon as would light up: two of the songs with which he conquered both our territory and the Andean country and which allowed him to get to where he is today.

However, Two other names stand out when you listen to the full album and find songs like Babe there lies: Dejota2021 and Go Sais They are also two singers who are part of this repertoire to cry and dance at the same time. Do they ring a bell? Do you know who they are? You may have heard of them, but in case you haven’t, here we go over their numbers so you won’t lose track of them from now on.

It’s true Dejota2021

Dejota2021 appears on the album’s second song, Babea song that stems from the singer’s need to apologize to someone. Ana Mena herself confessed during the listening-presentation of the album A curious anecdote regarding the subject is that the part of Dejota2021, which participated in its production and composition, remained in the final mix due to a decision of the singer: “We liked it so much that in the end it stayed on topic“.

David Jesús Tovar, the man behind the stage name, is a Venezuelan producer, songwriter and singer. who started his career in the music industry with an interest in the field of production and rap, uploading tutorials to YouTube on music production which had a wide reach in his country. The songs he performs mix styles such as reggaeton, hip hop and urban music and among his songs stand out titles such as Heat – Remix, The Room oh Nutella. At the end of October, he also celebrated one of his exploits as a singer on Instagram: having managed to reach the million monthly listeners on Spotify.

It’s Ir Sais

On the contrary, Ir Sais collaborates with Ana Mena in liesa theme where the nuances of West Indian music that characterize the artist’s work are very present: a Dutch-Caribbean producer, composer and singer who was interested in music and percussion from an early age, always self-taught.

Throughout his life he has gone through three different musical groups, as a musician and as a singer, although It wasn’t until 2008 that he moved to Rotterdam to begin his solo career, releasing his first single two years later: baby say mama.

From He has three albums and various EPs in his repertoire.with a large number of listeners both nationally and internationally, where her trademark has been to mix Caribbean rhythms with commercial pop, resulting in a result that can also be found on Ana’s album mena.

Despite its various successes, it was not until 2019 that your theme dream girl goes viral on TikTok, catching the attention of artists like Rauw Alejandro, with whom he is encouraged to release a remix of the hit. Additionally, artists like Sean Paul and Davido also collaborated on a global remix. In 2021, he collaborates again with an international star on his song Baila Kumi with Manuel Turizo.

The two accompany Ana Mena in her Bellodrama and the truth is that their voices could not blend better: the woman from Malaga knows how to surround herself with the best artists to give us real hits. Have you ever heard his album?

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