Myke Towers takes it to the next level with his new album ‘La Vida Es Una’

Myke Towers takes it to the next level with his new album ‘La Vida Es Una’

Myke Towers He has become one of those essential artists on the dance floor. Their songs are synonymous with partying, good vibes, friends and good vibes, which is why more and more people are adding them to their daily soundtrack.

Also. If you are one of those who cannot let a day go by without listening to a Towers song, we bring you good news. Her fourth studio album is here. life is onewith which he showed that he is not only driven by trap and reggaeton.

Myke Towers delights us with a repertoire of 23 songs which brings us rhythms such as, in addition to those mentioned above, alternative pop, afrobeat and reggae. A perfect repertoire to listen to at any time and in any situation and which will transport you to a certain place.

“I’m at a level where I feel like I’ve graduated and reached a new level. This music is refreshing and it was necessary. I made this album to be able to sing with and for my fans. “assures our protagonist.

Two of the songs it contains are Schnapps there Red (Ooh La La), which we have already listened to previously and which told us how this new project was going to sound. Additionally, he created the music video for is dear to mea song in which the sounds of the guitar predominate with the verses rapped by the artist.

“I took a break and that helped me focus on creating the right way. I had released a lot of songs and I needed to take a step back because I want to be intentional with my releases and not doing things to do,” he said. said.

Myke’s talent goes further and further, and this has led to many legends in the music industry, such as Ozuna, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin and Arcángel, with whom he collaborates on this project. He also does it with the Argentinian Chita, a promise that has shown that soul and hip hop are his greatest passions.

In short, Myke Towers shows that he is one of the greatest titans of the new generation of artists in the urban music scene. An artist who goes not only through reggaeton and trap, but also through other rhythms that make him unique.

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