One of the most notorious disasters of recent months, courtesy of the prophesiedwas the launch of The Last of Us: Part One on PC. The par performed by iron galaxy It has been disastrous with multiple glitches that make the game completely absurd on compatible ones, even those with a lot of resources.

The naughty dog became aware of the issue after users raised their eyebrows at the game’s poor optimization and quickly got to work on fixes to fix the issue which has garnered over 8,000 negative reviews on Steam. Now, after the first two patches (V1.0.1.5 there V1.0.1.6) the developer announces when the following will arrive:

When will the new patches for The Last bones Us: Part I arrive?

  • The naughty dog clarified that the next patches will arrive next week
  • The players of computer of The Last of Us Part I: We know some of you haven’t experienced the quality of Naughty Dog that you expected.
  • We’re working hard to fix the issues that are currently preventing you from experiencing the game to ensure it reaches the level of quality you expect and deserve.
  • A fix addressing mouse-controlled camera shake, some crashes, and more for The Last of Us Part I on PC is here. scheduled for Tuesday
  • Later in the week it will be implemented a bigger patch cwith additional fixes
  • We also encourage players to make sure to use graphics drivers Nvidia, AMD e Intel most recent
  • Our dedicated team and partners in iron galaxy will continue to investigate and resolve known issues to deliver the great experience of The Last of Us Part I what are you waiting for

This is all great and very good, we hope the issues will be fixed soon and everyone can enjoy this piece of the game. but follow me become amazing that the game does not pass certain quality tests before being released… Some problems that users saw on the fly, couldn’t a big company see it?

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