We are no longer in this mythical April Fool’s joke which makes many fall into false advertising of all kinds, but that does not mean that the echo of it disappears suddenly. If I have any doubt about anything, it’s that for several weeks there will be more than one who believes with all his heart that something he saw on April 1st was real. A very clear example:Dragon Ball Super: Rise of the Gods“. Indeed, this announcement is completely false, but seems worth studying for all the work behind.

Dragon Ball Super: Rise of Gods is one of the franchise’s most elaborate fakes

To start, I’ll leave you with a trailer shared by DBSCronicles and which gave the announcement of “Dragon Ball Super: Rise of Gods” a little more substance:

But that’s not all, because even if it looks fake, it was also created a personalized poster for this new “Dragon Ball” anime:

Some other things that strike me as curious and that I think you might be interested in this anime in question:

  • Oddly enough, Dragon Ball Super: Rise of Gods has its own date on IMDB. Basically the tab takes care of copy most of the information that can be found on the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero tab, so while some things add up…well, some things don’t.
  • What is the fake plot of this fake project? so what Syn Shenron is the true God of Destruction and was empowered by the Super Dragon Balls in an effort to destroy the multiverse.. Now Goku and Vegeta are on a mission to stop him. It’s good to give some Dragon Ball GT mega-fans some love, really.
  • A release date is even given to the movie Dragon Ball Super: Rise of Gods, which is the May 9, 2025. Indeed, the day of Goku. The truth, which I hope isn’t so wrong, is that before that, the Dragon Ball anime more or less returned to action.

The truth is, “Dragon Ball” was one of the biggest April Fool’s Day casualties this year, perhaps because of the dead silence from Toei-Animation despite the reality that fans of the franchise are desperately waiting for the anime to return. Right now, “Dragon Ball Super: Rise of Gods” is faker than a $7 bill, but don’t give up hope that the anime will return at some point.

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