WhatsApp announces “anti-heavy” news in its application

WhatsApp announces “anti-heavy” news in its application

WhatsApp announced news for its application and this time they came from the hand of Mark Zuckerberg himself. The creator of Facebook and CEO of Meta announced via his social networks that WhatsApp mobile applications for Android and iOS will soon include a new feature called ‘Keep chatting’ similar to that of ‘featured posts’ which will allow save important texts even if they are sent to a group in which the automatic text deletion function is activated.

As explained by the messaging app itself, the new update to its tool will include the ability for users to save a message, temporary or otherwise, to view in the future with the simple gesture of tapping on it. for a few seconds.

In this way, the text, photograph or document sent will be easily located for whoever wants it and it will be possible to put an end to everyday situations that may be somewhat burdensome for some people, such as having to repeat information several times to call someone back or just have to send the same location on 3 different days.

Temporary posts will require approval

With this new WhatsApp feature, any user will be able to save a message from another person for the future simply by tapping on it and then clicking “Featured Messages”. However, in cases where temporary messages are enabled, the text, image, link or location may be saved, but the person who sent it must give permission first.

So when someone asks to save a temporary message, the creator will get a notification in their app and have to accept it. If you don’t, the message cannot be saved and will disappear forever within the predetermined time.

“La gente ya no tendrá que preocupare de que todo lo que se diga quede para siempre. the tool.

Groups of up to 104+ users

Other new features of WhatsApp that were recently announced include increasing the number of iOS devices in which stickers can be created by simply clicking on the photo you want to extract from, increasing the number of members being able to participate in a Windows group call and video call, up to 8 in the case of video and 32 in the case of voice, the possibility of knowing how many groups in common you share with a specific contact and the possibility for customers with iOS smartphones to create discussion groups with up to 1,024 members including in this number the creator of the cat.

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