anuel aa completely revolutionized the urban music industry. After joining Eladio Carrión and launching together been sadthe ragpicker has returned to the charge with a new collaboration that has been talked about on social networks.

It is Mi Exxxa Wisin theme which the Puerto Rican joins and which in a few hours has exceeded one million views on YouTube. The reggaeton theme is about reconciliation between exes, giving love a new chance and a vote of confidence to that person you’ve shared so much of your life with.

Mi Exxx, with Anuel, is a very organic theme. I sent it to him, he loved it, he threw it away. We managed to make the video with Carlos Pérez. And that type of project is the one that comes out,” says Wisin in an interview with Billboard. In the video, the two artists come together and perform the song on camera while a young woman poses seductively.

But that’s not all. The legendary reggaetonero has only nice words for the trapper, who accompanies him in this new musical success. “We’re seeing a great comeback and I’m happy for him. I think Anuel has a lot to offer the music scene and it’s an honor to have him on this song”, said. Both submitted Mi Exxx on stage at the 2023 Latin American Music Awards, warning that new success was on the way.

But that’s not all. Considering Anuel’s love story, netizens were quick to react to the verses he includes in this song. “If you’re with him, why are you dedicating a song to me?” he says in one of them. “Subtle answer”, comments a user on the networks. “Anuel’s verses in ‘MI EXXX’ have a first and last name, right?” add another.

And you, have you ever heard the song? What do you think? Do you have someone to dedicate it to?

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