Aitana Gives New Details About ‘Alpha’s Most Intimate Song: “I’m Not Gonna Change Anything”

Aitana Gives New Details About ‘Alpha’s Most Intimate Song: “I’m Not Gonna Change Anything”

the father flew to Mexico to set up the second Alpha House there. The singer continues immersed in this new era with which she organizes parties in different places around the world. The next one plays in Mexico City and took advantage of the visit to do some promo for Angelscover letter for his third studio album.

One of Aitana’s stops was on the Pic Pod podcast and there she revealed some new details about the album, in particular one of the project’s most special songs and, as she says, also throughout his career. “There are songs on this record that I still don’t know if I’m going to include, but there’s one that I’ve already decided to do. This song his name is The killers and I wrote it at home in fifteen minutes”, explains the artist in this space. “I do not know what I was doing, but I needed to get there and be at the piano. I started to reveal everything about this song.”

Aitana said that when she composes, after her part is done, she takes the song to her trusted producers to finish shaping it. However, with The killers it was different. “When I write by myself, I judge myself a lot, I am very demanding with myself. But This song came out like this right now, crying, and I don’t wanna change a thing“, he continues. “For the first time, I will have a song on a disc written only by me.

Moreover, as the actress also revealed, some privileged people, close friends of the Catalan, were able to listen to the song for the first time and invited her to change some things. Aitana’s answer? “I’m not going to change anything. I know it could improve in the melodies, but the beautiful thing is when it was done, so that’s it. It has to be left that way”.

“You are going to hurt yourself”

The composition was one of the most discussed topics during the interview with Pic Pod Podcast. And it is that in addition to the process behind The killersAitana recalled that she was always behind all her songs: “Before I was 18, I had written a song at home, but I hadn’t released anything. When I started with all that, I was composing with other composers and producers”.

In addition, Aitana revealed the title of the song that cost him the most to compose in his entire discography. “He was with honey on the lips. Also you will stay. This song hurts and it hurts to do“, claims the singer. “I don’t like to say which songs are based on experiences and which songs are not because people make their movies and it can be misinterpreted.

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