Costco tends to have a certain popularity for selling its products at low cost, however, not everything is what it seems. Here are four products that tend to have higher prices compared to other stores in the U.S.

Costco is one of the retail stores that has gained more popularity for the fact that it has low prices and also allows you to buy in bulk, that is, at wholesale prices. This does not exclude it from having some products for sale that, according to its own consumers in the country, have higher costs than their normal price in any other store.

This was determined by an investigation conducted by Go Banking Rates, which interviewed several Costco consumers to determine which items are more convenient to buy at another retail store.

The reason is not that Costco is pricing them higher, but rather, you have to remember the fact that the retailer sells you products in bulk, so it’s unlikely that you’ll finish them before their expiration date, and therefore, that’s where you can lose money.

“Even if we could [get through the fruits and vegetables before they spoil], the grocery deals at my local supermarket are more profitable,” Reddit user make cupcake told Go Banking Rates.

Taking this into consideration, and according to Go Banking Rates’ analysis, these are the Costco products that tend to have the highest prices:

1.- Milk

According to Reddit users interviewed by Go Banking Rates, Aldi is usually one of the options where the price of milk will be cheaper than at Costco. At that supermarket, milk was $6.98 for 2 gallons, while at Costco, the same amount of milk was priced at $7.92.

2.- Salmon

According to Go Banking Rates, at Costco, a pound of salmon will cost $20 dollars for the Kirkland Signature brand, while at Ralphs, the same amount and the same brand will be priced at $11.99 dollars per pound.

3.- Chicken breast

Go Banking Rate research says that chicken breast at Costco costs between $2.99 and $3.49 per pound, while at Kroger, organic chicken breast is priced at $2.79 per pound.

4.- Toothpaste

According to Go Banking Rates, a 4-pack of Sensodyne brand advanced whitening toothpaste costs $31.99 at Costco, while at Ralphs, a pack of the same brand, with two toothpastes is priced at $13.99, which means that, if you take four, as Costco’s presentation offers, you would pay $27.98, less than what Costco charges.

To that you have to add the cost of the membership Costco charges you to shop at its stores, something you are not required to do at other supermarkets.

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