According to retail consumer experts, there are three days of the week that are not good for grocery shopping in the U.S.

Grocery shopping is essential for any household in the world, whether it consists of just one person or more. With our day-to-day activities, we go to the grocery store whenever we can, regardless of when. As with everything in finance, there are critical aspects to shopping, and in the case of groceries, choosing the day to shop can be the difference between overspending and saving a few dollars.

Not surprisingly, weekends are the days when most consumers do their grocery shopping, especially because on weekdays, their time is absorbed by their daily activities, such as work and family matters. Precisely, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the days when it is least convenient for you to buy your groceries.

According to research by GOBanking Rates, entering a grocery store in the middle of the week will support your finances and even your peace of mind, because you will avoid the crowds that throng on weekends.

Why do you spend more on groceries on weekends?

Fifty-nine percent of consumers do their grocery shopping on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, according to a survey by Drive Research. The fact that more people go on the weekend causes the cheaper products to sell out faster, causing fewer options to select from and having to buy the more expensive items.

Except for Aldi, which offers special discounts on Sundays, you should avoid weekends for your shopping at the rest of the U.S. retailers. The German-based retailer’s special offers usually have limited inventory, so you may find that if you really want one of these trendy products, you’ll want to break the weekend rule.

What’s the best day to shop for groceries?

Instacart experts say Wednesdays are the best days to shop for groceries, as most stores start their weekly specials on that day.

The grocery delivery company also says shoppers can take advantage of “double discounts,” as retailers can honor the previous week’s deals.

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