The fact that the video game community, in which, of course, I include myself, is eagerly waiting for its events and conferences to appear on screen, is something that is beyond doubt. But what is even more indisputable is the great desire we have for Sony to announce a new edition of the Playstation Showcase for this year. So far, it’s all speculation as to its date, althoughaims to air before Summer Game Fest.

And it is that, although a few days ago the E3 2023 For the reasons already known, we are going to have a busy summer with many events. Among those that are already official, the rumor revolves around a possible PlayStation Showcase, which could take place before June 8, but… when would that be exactly? A last-minute image sparked hype thanks to a possible date.

The PlayStation Showcase would be the day…

  • The image circulating on the Internet marks the June 1 at 10:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsula time) as the broadcast date for PlayStation Showcase 2023.
  • It was Jeff Grubb himself who also made it known through his podcastthat in addition to having a PlayStation Showcase for this yearwe would also be very close to enjoying a new state of affairs.
  • So far clean Sony is silent, although it wouldn’t be surprising if they announced their own event soon.

Other NO E3 2023 events

If you have a calendar handy, grab it quickly and jot down the following events and dates.

  • Summer game party
    • It will be held on June 8th
  • Xbox and Bethesda Showcase
    • It will be held on June 11th
  • PC gaming fair
    • It will take place on June 11th
  • Ubisoft before
    • Date set for June 12th
  • Direct return
    • It will take place between June 8th and 11th
  • Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023
    • It will start on August 22 and will last until August 27
  • Nintendo Direct and more…

If a new edition of the PlayStation Showcase is announced for this year, what games would you like to see? The truth is I’m quite clear that two of them would be Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine.

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