If there’s anything RTVE is good at, it’s keeping its audience hooked on the screen. The promise he triumphs every afternoon on the public channel, but it seems that he is not satisfied and wants more. For this reason, a new fiction was added to the programming of La 1 last week: 4 stars.

It is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 9:50 p.m., which amounts to competing with Antena 3’s entertainment program every day, The anthill 3.0. This new series comes with youA plot full of intrigue, secrets and a tireless fight for all the characters who will seek to move forward leaving the past behind them.

For those who have already seen the first episodes and for all those who want to know what this new episode of La 1 de RTVE is about, we bring you a small preview of what will happen in each episode of your new favorite series from the May 1 up to and including 4:

Advance ‘4 stars’ / A 1 RTE

What will happen in Monday Chapter 1

Julio will arrive to give Clara a hand and will thus be able to stay in Vera. Meanwhile, Ainhoa ​​is going to introduce herself as the hotel’s new chef and Luz isn’t getting off on the right foot with her new boss. On the other hand, Martínez will encourage Javier not to give up and to continue his search for Ricardo in secret.

What will happen in Tuesday Chapter 2

Things go awry for Clara and she will come to consider stealing her father’s money from Rita’s house in order to get closer to new clues to his death, but it won’t be easy. The hotel where Ainhoa ​​joined is preparing for another wine tasting. There, Felisa, the mayor’s wife, will be the only and great protagonist. Martínez and Javier get closer to giving up the search for the lost.

What will happen in Wednesday Chapter 3

Clara begins to have information and will have to tell someone. It will be Silvia, to whom he entrusts all his suspicions about his father. Vera del Rey will be filled with journalists after a body appears in the river, which complicates the work of the Civil Guard and ends up confronting Javier with one of the journalists.

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Advance ‘4 stars’ / A 1 RTE

What will happen in Thursday Chapter 4

Among so many media that have traveled to Vera, a new journalist will arrive with the intention of exposing all the secrets of the Lasierra and Clara family. Faced with this setback, Clara and Silvia will have no choice but to put their differences aside to confront the reporter and prevent him from achieving his goal. Paolo and Javier will tell their friends about their love problems.

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