The Warzone 2 meta is something that rocks back and forth since the game was released last November; something that is normal in a game as a service, where maintainers release updates from time to time with changes that make it let’s not get too bored two.

But that’s only Season 3 of Call of Duty’s battle royale It has one of the weirdest metas I’ve seen in months. The reason? There are weapons you wouldn’t give a dime for that have gone completely broken, like the X13 pistol. Then I leave you with all the details that the youtuber has explained Metaphor (who specializes in all sorts of Warzone 2 meta variables on this so you can see why.

Why is the X13 pistol broken in Warzone 2?

  • First of all, I have to start by saying that it is a gun that very few people use given that, despite being among the top 25 most played guns, his selection rate is only 1%
  • According to the Warzone 2 expert, the X13 is a weapon that matches some of the most broken submachine guns in the game in TTK
  • TTK is an acronym that stands for Time To Kill or, in other words, the time it takes for a weapon to kill an enemy from when you start shooting at it
  • The thing is the TTK of the X13 has proven to be superior to the TTK of other submachine guns like the Lachman or the MP5
  • This implies that this gun became season 3 in a weapon that can be one of the best submachine guns in the game

These are the best X13 accessories to teach you a class with him

  • Blocked: FIRE STEEL FT
  • Laser: LASER GUN 1MW
  • Charger: 50 SHELL DRUM
  • Rear handle: X13 TWO HANDS

I tested this configuration of the X13 in a few games of Warzone 2 and the truth is that nothing went wrong. What do you think of this weapon?

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