In addition to having already told you what it is best graphics settings For Warzone 2 on PC, I always find it useful to do a similar article dedicated to how you can change control settings. And what better time than the present to do so now that season 3 of the battle royale has only been airing for a few days. For this reason, I leave you with a series of tweaks that I tested below that worked like a shot for me. Let’s bother

The best Warzone 2 Season 3 keyboard and mouse setup

Keeping in mind that the default keymapping settings are good enough that you don’t have to change them, In this section, I will only comment on a few things you can change the mouse over:

  • General Mouse Sensitivity: 6
  • Aim Sensitivity Multiplier: 0.8
  • Sensitivity multiplier when aiming in focus mode: 1.0
  • Aim Sensitivity Type: relative
  • Specific mouse settings:
    • mouse acceleration: 0
    • mouse filtering: 0
    • Mouse movement smoothing: disabled
    • Mouse wheel offset: 80

Warzone 2 Season 3 Best Controller Setup


  • BR button configuration: reverse tactic
  • Joystick configuration: standard
  • Invert portrait view: No
  • Dead zone: 0 or increment as needed
  • Joystick horizontal and vertical sensitivity: 7
  • Range sensitivity multiplier (at low zoom): 0.75
  • Range sensitivity multiplier (and zoom up): 0.85
  • Aim Response Curve Type: standard/dynamic
  • Controller vibration: No


  • Aim Assist: accuracy
  • Shared Support Weapon Scale: aim with reticle + melee
  • Do not support the weapon when moving: Yeah
  • Aiming with aim: dungeon
  • Equipment: dungeon
  • Use/Reload: press to reload
  • Change of weapon without ammunition: Yeah
  • Behavior of armor plates: Apply a


  • Slide: dungeon
  • Automatic Advance: No
  • Auto sprint: automatic tactical sprint
  • Automatic camera centering in vehicles: activated
  • Automatic parachute: No


  • Aim Assist: Yeah
  • Aim Assist Type: by default
  • Aim Response Curve Type: dynamic
  • Aim Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00
  • Transition time when aiming: snap
  • Custom sensitivity per zoom: by default

Dead zone inputs

  • Left Mini Joystick: 0.00
  • Mini right joystick: 0.00
  • Left Mini Joystick: 0.75
  • Mini right joystick: 1.00
  • L2 button dead zone: 0.00
  • R2 button dead zone: 0.00

Well you have there all the settings you can Tap Warzone 2 Control Settings. Hope this information was helpful!

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