Creator of incredible verses and melodies, possessor of a unique voice, creator of songs that are already part of the collective imagination of several generations, Ed Sheeran He has earned himself to be one of the most important artists internationally. The Brit is about to release his fifth studio album, and for this he wanted to set up an unconventional promotion: take a flight, show up in Madrid by surprise and play his new songs live for a very small group of fans.

Sheeran manages to transfer his charisma and closeness into everything he does. also live this weekend, in which he left his skin for unpack the topics included in To subtract, perhaps his saddest and most melancholy album. The place chosen was the Círculo de Bellas Artes, which offered the musician from Halifax its mythical Hall of Columns. All that was left was for Sheeran to get on his guitar and do his magic. Moreover, this album is very much designed to shine in an acoustic format.

A few lucky ones, barely 400 people present, were able to take advantage of the artist’s sensitivity on stage. And it is that this album is one of the most special of his career, due to the visceral nature of his lyrics, since Sheeran poured into it very difficult experiences. Through his 14 songs, the singer dives into pain and manages to starkly show his feelings after going through a delicate personal moment.

To help shape this work, the Brits have engaged The National’s Aaron Dessner to write and produce. The result is a work full of lights and shadows. Also the last album of his era of math records.

you can hear To subtract in full on May 5.

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