There new season 3 of war zone 2 It’s getting closer on the schedule, as it will be released on April 12. That’s why Activision is broadcasting a series of promotions with which to give better packaging to the premiere of the next season of the game; be the new system known as ”Recruit a friend” the one I’m going to focus on here.

The fact is that this system has already been seen in other games, so it’s easy to guess what it consists of: bringing a friend back into the game for a while and, in return, we will get a series of rewards. Well, I’ll tell you what all this is about, what you can get and how you get the rewards from this Warzone 2 event. Let’s get to it.

How to Get the Free Reward a Friend Rewards in Warzone 2

  • You must first address to the event website
  • One time over there, sign in with your Activision account
  • then it will be when you have to recruit three friends
  • To do this you must have at least 3 hours of play on Warzone 2 in the last 60 days
  • You will only be able to recruit friends who have an account that’s only been around for 7 days or to friends who haven’t played Warzone 2 in the last 60 days
  • Once you have formed the team, you will have to play games and complete the game challenges to get the rewards

What are the rewards?

  • A new submachine gun blueprint
  • A new plan for Akimbo
  • A new emblem and a new sticker
  • Double experience point tokens

Well, there you have all the information I wanted to share with you all regarding this Warzone 2 free rewards promotion. What do you think?

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