Little she is the toughest enemy in the Midlands. Although he is a completely optional boss, he has killed more players than any other enemy in the game and has some of the most devastating attacks of any gaming title. From software. However, with the patch 1.09 from the Elden Ring, it seems there is now an easy way to remove it.

As shown by Reddit user jdyhrberg, both phases of Malenia can now be completed in about a minute if using Morgott’s cursed sword. With the Cursed Blood Slice special attack, you can stagger Malenia and break her position after three hits. Land a critical hit and watch his health melt away with the sword’s accumulated blood loss.

You’ll need more than Morgott’s cursed sword to defeat Malenia so easily. As for stats, Dexterity and Arcane should be your primary targets, followed by Spirit and Stamina so you can use Cursed Blood Slice. You can also use Blood Grass Incense for extra damage.

Will you try this strategy?

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