The war in Ukraine has put the world in the spotlight on Vladimir Putin, the Russian president who ordered Russia’s invasion of his neighboring country, and astrologers have wondered if his zodiac sign, in conjunction with his natal chart, has something to tell us about the decisions you make and their global consequences.

The president was born on October 7, 1952 at 9:30 AM in St. Petersburg, Russia, so he is a Libra with a Scorpio rising. The sign of the scales is known to be harmonious, conciliatory, peace-seeking and diplomatic, so why does it contrast with its hostile attitude? In an interesting article for Astrofame, astrologer Susan Taylor analyzed the president of Russia to find the answers.

According to the expert, the location of the planets in Vladimir Putin’s birth chart makes him an intransigent Libra, with a tendency to judge and act according to his convictions. That is, he makes radical decisions because, from his perspective, he is doing justice and doing the right thing.

The key point, according to the astrologer, is his Scorpio ascendant. This sign tends to dominate mainly in political and financial aspects, so it is a careful opponent. He is strategic, has guts and defends his ideals with intensity. When they are pleading their cause they are tempted by their destructive side.

Another aspect that stands out in the president’s birth chart is the number of planets he has in his 12th House, that of secrets, confinement and manipulation. Mercury, Saturn and Neptune are located in that position, which suggests to the astrologer that may have had a repressed childhood, and now wants to act freely and magnify.

Neptune in the 12th House reveals a tendency to have no limits or if you will, a “destructive madness”, while Saturn prevents him from showing his emotions and imposes self-control, and the combination with Mercury makes him have blind faith in himself, Taylor explained.

What will happen to the war in Ukraine, according to Putin’s astrology?

The astrologer predicts that he will be discouraged, so he will have less confidence in his decisions. In 2023 and 2024 Neptune will be square to his sign of Mars (Sagittarius) which “may indicate that he will lack support around him, with more and more allies turning their backs on him. There may also be a deadlock in the military situation,” he noted.

The aspects that will occur in his astrological chart predict that he will seek power at all costs and by any means, but he will feel irritated because he will not get it; his wishes will be blocked, said the astrologer.

In this sense, his health could weaken in the coming year and, consequently, his political and military power. However, Taylor warned that, in a tragic scenario he could become obsessed with death and this will fuel his desire for destruction.

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