Yanet García, ‘The weather girl’, awaits Halloween with a daring Little Red Riding Hood costume in lingerie

Yanet García, ‘The weather girl’, awaits Halloween with a daring Little Red Riding Hood costume in lingerie

The Mexican Yanet García wanted to remind her more than 14.8 million followers of the social network of Instagram that they are in the month of October and there is very little left to celebrate Halloween.

For this reason, she shared with a large number of Internet users a photo alluding to the aforementioned celebration that has undoubtedly become one of the most anticipated in recent years.

It’s almost Halloween” was the message that accompanied the publication where you can see that she is also wearing lace lingerie with thin strips that go from her buttocks to her legs, thus giving her a much more sensual touch.

The comments on this daring photo did not wait for Internet users who remain attentive to the content that she shares day after day in the aforementioned application, and that is that in less than 24 hours she almost exceeds three thousand expressions, while she deactivated the ‘Like’ counter, though, would surely have a large amount as well as the rest of the stuff he uploads.

“Here comes the wolf”, “You are as you want”, “My Little Red Riding Hood”, “How beautiful and delicious you are”, “Excuse me, friends, do you know where that forest is?”, “I want to be your big bad wolf”, “Beautiful little angel of God”, “The most beautiful little red riding hood I have ever seen”, “Beautiful”, “I am your wolf”, “Beautiful, you make me fall in love”, “How beautiful you are, friend ”, “Where do I find such a beautiful Little Red Riding Hood?”, “Sexy”, “I love her”, “I’m going to have to dress up as a wolf”, were some of the impressions generated by the post.

The Mexican has dedicated herself to sharing images that undoubtedly end up capturing the attention of more than one, because she also stands out for the slender figure she cares for, as she has let it be known on her various social networks.

At the same time, she considers that she meets the sufficient attributes to have an OnlyFans account where many pay to see more than what Instagram allows.

García when sees that she has the opportunity to dress up for some celebration that is approaching, because she highlights it in a very daring way.

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