We don’t know if you’ve ever been able to stop dancing nocturnalthe song with which vico was presented at Benidorm Fest this 2023 and which became a real success in Spain (accumulating more than 22 million reproductions and reaching almost 400,000 listeners a day almost four months after its launch), but the Catalan singer launched tonight at midnight I die for youa song in which he confesses his feelings for another person at the same time as he begins the presentation of the musical project in which he has been working for a few months.

And it is that the Catalan seems to leave behind the night party of Nonchentera (the dance floor is a space where everything is possible: dancing with your crush, enjoying the music and mint mojitos) for take the bull by the horns, sit that person you’re in love with on the couch and confess, “hey, I like you. I want to see how far this can go”.

“Tell me where you are, I’ve got your face on my mind and it’s not going away. I can’t stop thinking about the night in your car and the extra drinks. If you knew everything I want, everything I feel for you. If you knew I wanna meet you and see where it goes” are the phrases that can be heard in the first stanza of the song before the arrival of the chorus, while on the screen we see the artist directing these words towards the figure of an astronaut who does not remove never his helmet.

Vicco is ready to take a flight to Mars to leave with his travel crush while the drums, the synthesizers and the melody of the song make this song slowly insinuate itself in our heads not to go out of there.

And it is that this song has a special hole in the singer’s heart for what it has meant in her career: “I die for you This is the first song I composed for this new scene, with this song I was able to release my inspiration in my music. After many years of composing for others, I had somewhat forgotten my essence. I die for you It’s about love, something you’re going to see a lot in my music. You will get to know me better as an artist and as a person. I am happy that finally after a year and a half all this is coming to light, this new era is coming very strongHe wrote a few days ago through his social networksgiving way to a whole new music scene that we are sure will not leave anyone indifferent.

For the production of the theme visited the studio of Andrés Goiburu, who has already worked with artists of the stature of Marc Seguí or Marina Reche. Vicco has already won us over with nocturnal there I die for you She arrived with a bang, giving her the opportunity to establish herself as one of the artists of the national scene that we cannot lose sight of. We are already ready for whatever is to come.

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