It’s been the big topic of musical conversation since its inception. Thousands of Aitana’s fans in different corners of the world continue to analyze every detail of Los Angeles’ lyrics, every frame of her new song’s music video for clues about its meaning. And less than 24 hours later hers the father had to start answering these questions. He did it during a conversation with Llanos River on their video channels.

The streamer and twitcher asked the Catalan performer if there was a hint in the song’s lyrics and what the inspiration for the song was. That’s when the singer burst out laughing and gave way to the video for her new song, later taking up the question but from a different angle.

“The new songs are a little more non-rebellious because there’s everything. But they’re a little more about people my age. This theme talks about what we talked about a little before about paparazzi, people and everything around them“Aitana started to explain.

“It’s a song to talk about what people judge from what they can see in a magazine or what they can see on Twitter. It’s literally that you don’t know the story of what whatever. You don’t know what’s behind everyone’s life.” can see pictures and things and then yes, there will be things that can be, there will be other things that cannot be. It’s a song about “look, I don’t care, I’m 23, I’m going to do what I feel like doing right now by being consistent’, a lot of people were talking about cheating, not cheating… No, obviously I’m not in favor of this kind of thing but apart from that everyone can do what they want. Don’t worry, no one knows the story behind anything, no matter how hard we think, like Shakira and Pique in reality. Things come out but we don’t know,” the singer confessed.

“It’s a critique of what they’ll say, as long as I don’t hurt anyone, whatever. I’ll explain when I want. Sometimes there are processes in people’s lives that you don’t even know about. what to say yourself, because you don’t know what time you are in, I don’t know what process I’m in, I don’t know how I’m doing, how am I going to tell you something I’m calm and let myself go, I don’t like to give explanations about it”, concluded the interpreter.

The conversation with Ibai Llanos lasted almost an hour during which he advanced that in April his alpha house would move to Mexico and that his alpha studio album reflects his current situation and will be released in 2023.

Aitana’s Los Angeles lyrics

The two big moments that people analyze in more detail in the lyrics of Los Angeles mention the stealth nature of a relationship that has just begun: “I kissed you in secret, nobody did that to you, you searched, you ate me. . . . ” Aitana sings at the beginning of the song.

In case it wasn’t clear that the relationship was (or was) happening in secret, the Catalan performer sings again a little later, “it doesn’t matter if it’s in secret, you only live one life, because even though we’re not together, people already knew that.”

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