Two divorcees are forced to accept a temporary job as children’s entertainers in a hotel during the summer holidays. Just the month when they have custody of their own children, which they carry without hesitation. This is the plot of the new family film from santiago safe It will be released in theaters on July 7.

One more time resumes the formula after the good public reception of its previous comedies, Dad there is only one and its consequences or Everybody on the train with its various deliveries. All blockbusters that make us see that there is a demand for this type of story.

Again he and Leo Harlem carry out this adventure in which the children are not lacking. And as for the women, this time, patricia account there Cristina Gallego take over padilla of peace there vega peace who starred in his previous film.

divided opinion

We have already been able to see the first images of the summer premiere of the actor and director and, once again, this has caused a debate in public opinion. The vast majority ask the same question: Why are all of Santiago Segura’s family comedies alike?

It’s true that he caught a pattern that he repeats over and over again, although that doesn’t seem to make his movies any less appealing when looking at the magnificent results that continue to obtain at the box office. A success that, everything indicates, that this year it will repeat.

Despite everything, the criticisms that can be read on social networks regarding this continuous repetition of the structure are numerous.

On the other hand, although less numerous, are those who come to their defense and understand that Is there an audience for these films? who managed to get in touch with the families.

And you, which side are you on?

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