We await decisions regarding the final bonfires that will be made by the remaining four couples in island of temptations. In principle, the four make water and have reason to break after the experiment, but we may be surprised. Since then, we expect a lot from this reunion after all that has happened in recent weeks.

So far we have seen the arrival of Laura GOOD at the stake where an inexpressive awaits him Alexandre Perez that he is unable to look her in the face or say a word to her. An awkward and tense silence seizes this cold meeting.

Finally, it is she who breaks the ice and asks him if he is not going to tell her anything. And it seems that it is difficult for him to enter because his disappointment after seeing her kiss Sauldoes not allow him to be very close to her.

moment of tears

But in the end, it’s a couple who have shared a lot and who love each other and we have seen them face each other, look each other in the face and fall apart.

“You are very pretty,” he finally told her completely moved. “I missed you. You don’t know how much“, he tells her with answers from her in between saying that the same thing happened to him.

“I’m so sorry that we fell in love and so great,” she started to say before tears forced her to stop, “For me you were one of the most important people in my life”.

“I will give you thank you always for getting me out of the shit i was in because for me yes you were my hero at the time and you know it,” he continued, unable to stop crying.

Of course, it seems that he spoke from the heart and with all possible feelings: “I love you very much and you know it. That he let me go with him, yes. That I have a connection with him, yes. What hurt me the most is that I let myself be carried away by my heart, but deep inside you I was breaking your fucking heart and that’s the last thing I wantedI really promise you that.”

It seems like a breakup comes with a lot of pain.

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