The increase in cases of the so-called “Havana Syndrome” among diplomatic, intelligence and military personnel of the United States has raised alerts in the country.

According to an agency report of AP, President Joe Biden faces increased pressure to investigate the origin of the unrest, which was initially attributed to sonic attacks carried out by the Cuban government.

The increase in cases has become drastic and went from a few dozen affected to more than a hundred, so those affected are demanding answers, and have even sought legal advice.

Several accuse the US government of not having taken the first complaints seriously and letting the problem advance, since the causes of the unrest in the first victims, the diplomats of the US Embassy in Cuba in 2016, were never concluded.

Although later studies confirmed permanent brain damage in the victims and that it coincided with that which would be caused by exposure to certain sonic frequencies, State Department investigations have not delved into the source of these waves.

Confirmation that a country has deliberately attacked US personnel would imply a direct and hostile response from the US, which is why some believe that things have been delayed.

However, the number of cases has already exceeded 130, and they have been registered in several political “adversary” countries of the North American nation, such as Russia, China, and Syria.

However, the largest number of victims has been “attacked” in Cuba, with about 50 diplomats in the first wave of attacks in 2016, and a few more intelligence agents, as well as non-US personnel, since the Canadian Embassy also reported cases.

Although from the beginning the government of Cuba has strictly denied any relationship with the causes of the “Havana syndrome”, the incidence on the island, which has even affected tourists, makes it the main suspect of being the carrier of some type of microwave weapon.

In this sense, several victims and some US politicians point out that the Cuban government has not been severely investigated about the situation.

Last week, several congressmen from both parties presented a bill to compensate victims of the Havana syndrome, pointing out that in many cases they had not been given adequate medical care or any financial compensation.

In the same bill, greater severity was also required in the investigations, in order to provide justice to those affected.

For now, the Biden administration has responded that the matter has been taken seriously and that the pertinent investigations are being carried out, this in response to the alarm that has also raised cases on US soil, two of them near Washington DC , one of which was on a White House official.

Those affected with the so-called Havana syndrome have dizziness, vertigo, memory loss, impaired cognitive abilities, and a headache that can escalate to migraines. Several of these symptoms are permanent, according to State Department studies.

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