If you are one of those who opts for more artisan activities such as using the bicarbonate for your teeth, you should know that it is also present in this paste, but in a way diluted so as not to directly affect your teeth.

In the words of Dr. Morales, the presence of this helps to balance the pH, so that it is not so acidic and in this way reduce cavities and dental plaque.

What will you experience when using an organic paste?

The first thing you should know is that if you are a lover of keeping your mouth super fresh and with very strong “clean” breath, these pastes are not for you.

We are very used to the fact that the paste must be foamy and leave a sensation of extreme freshness, and the organic ones, since they do not have those ingredients -which in the long run could damage the natural enamel of our teeth- do not have the same effect, however it is not that they do not work.

After using a paste like All-One you may experience a feeling that your mouth is not clean, but it is not, it is only the change of product and everything is a matter of time, it is completely normal.

This pasta promises to take care of your smile through its compounds, such as hydrated silica that acts as a mild abrasive and organic aloe juice that will calm your gums.

As if these characteristics were not enough, you should know that it is also ideal for sharing with the smallest of the house since it is practically entirely organic, there is no risk if it is ingested by mistake.

Another of the great benefits of this paste is that its packaging is recyclable, something that not many other brands do yet. Now do you bet on an organic pasta?

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