USA: Delta variant triggers infections and hospitalizations hit their 6-month high

USA: Delta Variant Triggers Infections and Hospitalizations Hit Their 6-month High

Cases of coronavirus and hospitalizations in United States are at a maximum of six months, driven by the rapid spread of the Delta variant in areas of the country dealing with low vaccination rates.

At the national level, COVID-19 cases have averaged 100,000 over three consecutive days, 35% more than last week, according to a Reuters tally with public health data. The increase in the disease was strongest in Louisiana, Florida and Arkansas.

Hospitalizations increased by 40% and deaths, a lagging indicator, registered an increase of 18% in the last week. The highest number of deaths by population occurred in Arkansas.

The intensification of the spread of the pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of some major major events. One notable exception is an annual motorcycle rally in South Dakota that has been going according to plan.

Florida set records for hospitalizations for eight days in a row, according to the analysis. In that state, most students are expected to return to classrooms this week, while some school districts debate whether masks are required for students.

The president of the nation’s second-largest teachers union announced on Sunday a turnaround by backing mandatory vaccinations for teachers in an effort to protect students who are too young to be vaccinated.

The number of children hospitalized with COVID-19 It’s on the rise across the country, a trend health experts attribute to the Delta variant being more likely to infect children than the original Alpha.

With the virus once again entering the lives of Americans after the brief hiatus last summer, the campaign to vaccinate those who are still reluctant has gained new momentum. States like California, New York and Virginia already require weekly vaccinations or tests for state employees, as well as several cities.