What must have been the happiest moment of a young student of Hispanic roots in USA, ended in controversy on social networks. And it is that last June 3 an unidentified student of the Asheboro High School, in North Carolina, did not receive his graduation diploma because a Mexican flag was visible on his dress.

The sad moment of the ceremony was recorded by his family. In the 68-second video, the young man is observed advancing in a row towards the stage with the national flag on his shoulders and his back, as a way to give greater meaning to that special moment.

However, in another shot, when he is already in front of the school officials, they denied delivery of the document, so he returned to his seat without the precious document. This provoked boos from those present, who disapproved of the teachers’ action and applauded the boy for his courage.

The recording was shared on social networks and viralizó, opening an intense debate among netizens. The main discussion is about who was right in the episode.

Some users of social networks disapproved of the actions of the school authorities, as they considered it “an explicit act of racism”. However, others reported that the young man carried the flag of Mexico in an inappropriate and disrespectful way.

The controversy was such that Asheboro High School defended through a statement the decision to withhold the student’s diploma, saying that carrying a flag of any kind violates the dress code.

“The key point is the fact that the student did not follow the established dress code for the event and undermined the importance and solemnity of the ceremony. Our dress code has been established to ensure that the dignity of the event is maintained and equitable for all students. “

In addition, they indicated that “they continue working to solve this problem with the student and their family, so that he receives his diploma from Asheboro High School”.

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