Yaiza Martin was expelled from survivors last Thursday in a disciplinary manner after leading a fierce fight with Ashraf off camera. But, despite not acknowledging him at any point, the coach overheard how he called him a ‘faggot’. This, coupled with a certain lack of respect in which she had already played, caused the organization to make the decision to exclude her from the competition.

This Tuesday, he reappeared in nobody’s land and he did it while singing the mea culpa. “I was wrong in everything except going to see Ginés. My visit should have stayed on a visit and that’s it,” he acknowledged.

But she stayed, although she assured that “to this day, I still have not assumed that I am a candidate. I went to visit and I stayed”. “I take everything I said, what he did and I need to explain why and the means and the ways to do it, which weren’t the right ones“, he added.

Maybe, having arrived later than the rest of her classmates has taken a toll on her, or so she thinks: “At the end of the day you want to learn, they teach you how to fish, they teach you how to open a coconut, they teach you a thousand things you want to do, but the sentence at the end is always ‘you came last and it’s not worth anything’, i felt that the effort i was making would not be worth it”.

The opinion of his colleagues

He would burst into tears seeing the images of his companions when, after their expulsion, they arrived on the beach and discovered the “I love you” that Yaiza had left written with small pebbles. And over there, i broke down crying the expelled

“I’m still in shock,” he said. March. “He left me since our arrival, not flayed, but with a bad wave in my body,” he added. jonathan. “I ended up with a really bad body,” her friend continued.

It was shit after shit and rude, rude phrase all the time“, explained the influencer, “how can you be so creepy?

Diego, however justified. He assured that comments like that that Adara’s nose might be broken were untrue,”but these are hot times”.

“We went from the apocalypse to the beach in silence. I needed a few hours like this, even if it was, to be drama-free all the fucking timeJon added.

She has her character, she has her tricks, but after that she has a very good background“, Ginés assured Diego that he recognized that he had empathy for her because “I have this character, in part too”.

“Yaiza, in truth, had put tension in the group, it even did a disservice to Ginés, this is my opinion, and I understand that he does not like my opinion”, he said. said. Manuel Cortes to his sister Alma Already rachel arias.

The contestant cried as she listened to her classmates and acknowledged they were right when they said she had generated unnecessary tension. “It’s like that and I don’t recognize myself“, he assured.

“I recognize that I I went there with my backpack, for many things to do. I did not leave as a candidate, otherwise I would have said or done, or even said things before leaving, but it was not like that and my bill“, he admitted.

come to settle

After acknowledging all of this, Yaiza finally arrived on set where she was greeted by dead silence. “I applaud because it came out,” he said. Andreaa friend of Diego Pérez, who was clapping alone.

Such behavior cannot be allowed.Yaiza acknowledged that she claimed to understand this public reaction and admitted that she felt bad.

Disappointment and shame are the two words he used to define his behavior in Honduras and he assured that he did not recognize himself in the images, although everything supported him in his condition of unexpected candidate.

With Mosquera, face to face

One of the people he had an argument with on the island was Raquel Mosque who he wanted to apologize to on set. “I feel like you paid the post for what I brought from the street. Personally, I apologize, I don’t want you to accept them if you think not because I don’t deserve them, but I have to say it, because I know how to say ‘I’m sorry’ and I was wrong with you,” he told her.

Raquel Mosquera wanted to certify that she sincerely meant it and ended up accepting her apology. Yaiza knelt down and the hairdresser asked her to get up with her because he didn’t like this situation.

“What I want is that don’t take it as a personal attack because I didn’t know you”, Yaiza told him and Raquel reminded him that everyone would have liked to enter a month and a half later and, in addition, with their partner.

other opinions

Not everyone was so understanding of her on set. Elena RodriguezAdara Molinero’s mother told her very clearly what she thought of her: “Yours has no name or forgiveness and what you have done is not normal. You are the most hated person in ‘Spain tonight. She ate your person,’ added Marthe Penate.

After explaining himself, Carlos Sobera dismissed her, warning her of what awaited her: “Good luck with everything that awaits you from today, which is going to be a lot and not really good.“.

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