One more Tuesday we experienced the salute ceremony at survivors. This week Asraf Beno, Diego Perez, soul bread there Jonan Wiergo They suffered this moment of tension which only pleases one of them, the one who collects the most votes from the public to save himself.

Carlos Sobera He met three of them on the beach and with Alma Bollo when they met, with his brother, with his mother, raquel bun. He explained that this week it was his turn to lead the ceremony as he was not Laura Madrueno.

“Viewers of survivors They decided he should continue to be nominated…Jonan,” he began by communicating. “It was already a little scuffed, really, and I still scratch until Thursday and it has to be whatever,” the influencer said.

The second name he gave is Diego. Her name was accompanied by a high level of applause on set. Many continue to believe that it will be him who will leave the contest. “Well, what is it, you have to wait. I really want to continue here, I leave my skin in fishing, firewood, everything. Whatever the respectable decides, I can’t wait to arrive on Thursday to see if I can save myself and be on top and give it my all,” commented Diego.

The saved

It was between Alma and Asraf. “Survivors viewers decided he should continue to be nominated or nominated…Alma,” he finally said. The saved was therefore Asraf who could not believe it and he kept saying how much he loved the public.

She was running away to celebrate with her best friend at the pageant, Adara Miller. “I’m very excited, you gave me a lot of energy. It was a terrible day, but you gave me comfort. I want to continue here until the final, he wants to fight against this. This is for you “, he said enthusiastically.

“I’m super grateful to have arrived with the two of Asraf there to almost save us. I can’t wait to stay, to wait for Thursday and whatever. Thank you very much to the people who support me, thanks to my mother for being there and Thursday I hope to save myself“said Alma who is still nominated at the moment.

It will be Thursday when one of the three is kicked out and I will be heading to Playa de los olvidados which has been Jaime Nava there Arthur Dainese they do not receive visitors.

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