Two Cubans were arrested and appeared in court for attacking another man in Miami-Dade with machetes.

According to the local media America TeVé, the attack occurred because the Antilleans thought that the victim was having an affair with the girlfriend of one of them.

The detainees, identified as Yordany Rodríguez and Alberto Rey Peñate, aged 40 and 39 respectively, knew the victim, identified as Ángel Neira Rodríguez, who denied being in an affair with the partner of one of his attackers.

“They didn’t say anything, they just shot me with the machete. But fortunately I feel fine now,” said Neira Rodríguez, who spent 4 days in the Kendall regional hospital because of the injuries caused by the Antilleans.

Neira claims that he was sitting smoking a cigarette when the defendants began the attack, which occurred around 10:15 a.m. on May 22.

The incident occurred in a University Lakes mobile home common area, which is located at 129th Avenue and 12th Street in Southwest Miami-Dade.

The attacked man indicated that he was able to defend himself from the machete blows with a plastic chair, possibly the only reason why he survived the attack. However, Neira received several injuries to her hand and a large cut to the side of her head.

“They acted like animals,” said one of the witnesses, who preferred to remain anonymous.

“Then a little black man said ‘hey what are you doing? Stop!’ then they left as if nothing had happened. Ángel passes by, starts to walk and I see that blood is running on the floor,” he added.

As a result, West Indians now face charges of attempted first-degree murder and drug possession.

Similar cases

At the beginning of May, the case of José Durán, 51 years old, a Cuban who attacked another man with a machete accusing him of having stolen a bracelet.

Durán arrived at his neighbor’s house on Sunday, May 2, where he entered by force and accused the man of this alleged crime.

When he did not receive a response, the Cuban began the attack, retreating from the house after having dealt a couple of blows.

The victim contacted the police, who arrived at the scene and managed to arrest Durán after he returned to the crime scene after initially escaping.

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