The escalation of the war in Ukraine is under the gaze of the entire West after the nuclear threats of Russian President Vladimir Putin in response to the latest defeats and the Ukrainian advance in the occupied areas. A situation that Donald Trump, former president of the United States, is also aware of.

The Republican spoke during a rally in Nevada about a possible Third World War, of a war “like never seen before” in case of not achieving a peace agreement in Eastern Europe. Trump used the escalation of the war to hit US President Joe Biden again.

On this occasion, the tycoon called it “stupid”. “We must demand the immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine, or we will end World War III,” the Republican warned. He asserts that “everything is due” to “stupid people” who “do not understand anything”, alluding to the actions and positions of the head of the US Administration.

Trump attacked the Democratic president again after calling him an “enemy of the state” and to place it as a threat to democracy. According to the former president, because of leaders like Biden “there will be nothing left of our planet”, he warned of a Third World War.

This fear of the possibility that the former US president is talking about is due to the fact that “We have never had that type of weapons or the destructive capacity of these modern weapons”. He added on the ‘Cats at Night’ radio show that “all the horrible things that happened in the Ukraine, it looks like they’re going to happen in China with Taiwan.”

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