Jonathan Yellowday, conductor of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) of New York (USA), found a bag with 36 diamond rings valued at around US $ 100,000 and did not hesitate at any time to contact the police to return them to their owner.

The employee found the bag that was left behind on a trip he made on Thursday, April 22, from Penn Station to Port Washington. “It almost didn’t seem real. I thought, this can’t be what it seems.” Yellowday said.

Yellowday He said that in these eight years of work he thought he had seen everything, but the finding of this bag left him “bowled over”. After the reports, the bag of diamonds belonged to a citizen who worked as a jeweler.

The man who left the rings forgotten did not want to be identified by the media, but allowed the story to be shared. In addition, he showed him “eternal gratitude” to the driver.

“I started to search the house, I thought I had brought them. I started going over my steps and remembered that I left him on the train,” declared the jeweler.

Phil Eng, President of LIRR, congratulated the actions of Jonathan Yellowday and said that luckily for the jeweler, the man did the right thing. The train conductor also mentioned that he was never in doubt about what to do after the find.

After her mother learned of her action, she predicted a good future for her. “She said to me, ‘you know what, good karma will come your way.’ She is a very religious person and always says that what you give to others comes back to you”.

Finally, the jeweler promised in gratitude to make a piece for Yellowday so you can use it daily.

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