The renowned Cuban singer Aymée Nuviola spoke on her social networks for a change for her countrymen on the Island.

“My Cuba, when can all Cubans give you that hug, feel you are ours, free and without fear? !!!!”, the famous interpreter began.

“Open your eyes awake !!!! Open your wings and fly without fear, that the bird that is born in captivity believes that flying is a sin, but it is not !!!! ”, continued Nuviola.

In this way, the singer Aymée Nuviola joins the list of artists who from Cuban exile are committed to a better future for the people.

Aymée Nuviola calls for a change for Cuba

Aymée Nuviola calls for a change for Cuba (Photo: Aymée Nuviola-Facebook)

Nuviola was born in Havana in 1973 and according to his official site, he was born into a family of musicians, so some of his earliest memories are at the piano, working through melodies between lessons.

It is nicknamed as The Sonera of the World. She is also known for having played Celia Cruz on the Colombian soap opera Celia.

She won the Grammy Award for Best Tropical Latin Album with A Journey Through Cuban Music at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony in 2020, prior to this in 2019 she was nominated for a Latin Grammy with the same album.

She has also collaborated on multiple Grammy-winning albums, the last of which was No quiero Llanto del Septeto Santiaguero in 2016. She was nominated for the Billbords Awards in 2010, as a result of her first production in the United States “Corazon Sonero”, for For three consecutive years, 2014, 2015, 2016, she was nominated for the Cubadisco (Cuba) competition, as best singer-songwriter and best popular music album with the productions “En la intimidad”, “First Class to Havana” and “El Regio a La Habana” the latter produced by the teacher Sergio George.

In 2014, Aymée was selected among the 25 most influential figures in Miami by the NEW TIMES newspaper, at the end of 2016, she reached # 1 on the Billboard Tropical chart with the song “Dancing everything is forgotten” and is the first Afro -Latina in the history of Spotify, in representing with her image and her music the Black History Month, of the year 2017 (annual celebration in the United States) through the Play List with the name, “Viva Afro-Latino”.

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