We review the total sales of all Nintendo consoles throughout history

All of us who love video games owe a place in our hearts to Nintendo. The Japanese company has been since putting the NES on the market in 1983, making us vibrate and feel with a large number of platforms. Nintendo has also always been synonymous with innovation and now, reviewing the sales of each console, I was able to remind myself once again why Nintendo is so important to video games and to the growth of our industry.

This article distinguishes between desktop computer sales and handheld console salesterrain that Nintendo masters perfectly. You can check out the always-updated numbers below:

Total Nintendo home console sales

Nowadays Nintendo launched a total of 7 desktop consoles on the market. A story that was born from the hand of the NES and currently continues in the hands of the Nintendo Switch. Let’s review which consoles have sold the most in the brand’s history:

7- Wii U

Although after the success of the Wii at Nintendo, they were promised to be very happy with the launch of the Wii U, the truth is that the machine has to its credit the Medal for the lowest-selling Nintendo console in history. The Nintendo Wii U hit the market in 2012 and couldn’t do much despite having an incredible catalog of games.

  • Consoles sold: 13.56 million.
  • Games sold: 103.10 million.

6- GameCube

gamecube sales

Until the Wii U hit the market, the GameCube had the disreputable merit of being Nintendo’s lowest-selling console. A console that has not been done justice, because despite a catalog of high-level games, the success that the PS2 won in this year 2001 completely eclipsed it.

  • Consoles sold: 21.74 million.
  • Games sold: 208.57 million.

5-Nintendo 64

nintendo64 sales

The Nintendo 64 is a very popular platform for anyone who enjoyed it in its time. Despite the fact that its sales weren’t exaggerated, they weren’t too short either for having launched in 1997. It may have taken away a lot of potential to have found a PS1 that was sweeping the market in the process of road.

  • Consoles sold: 32.93 million.
  • Games sold: 224.97 million.

4- Super Nintendo

snes sales

SNES was the console of a generation, having a particular weight in Spain. This console marked the true beginning of the golden age in our country and where video games really began to make their place in homes, since until then machines and arcades occupied center stage.

  • Consoles sold: 49.10 million.
  • Games sold: 379.06 million.

3- NDA

nes sales

The beginning of the adventure. Nintendo put the NES on the market in 1983 (although it didn’t arrive in Europe until 1986) and from there an incredible adventure began in which we all really appreciated the number of platforms and of games they have released.

  • Consoles sold: 61.91 million.
  • Games sold: 500.01 million.

2- Wii

wii sales

The Wii has the feat of being one of the most revolutionary consoles of its time.. It was a console that broke with everything to completely change the classic gameplay that we were used to introducing gesture controllers where we ourselves became the controller of the console itself.

  • Consoles sold: 101.63 million.
  • Games sold: 921.69 million.

1- Nintendo Switch

ventas switch
  • Consoles sold: 122.55 million.
  • Games sold: 600.24 million.

Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 and has the merit of being the best-selling Nintendo desktop console in history, being surpassed in the overall calculation only by Nintendo 3DS sales. The hybrid character of the brand has allowed the platform to achieve excellent sales, accompanied by a catalog of truly incredible video games.

Total sales of Nintendo handheld consoles

Nintendo has been synonymous with success on desktop and laptop. The Japanese company has given the world consoles that are a historical and portable gem the word Game Boy has marked an entire generation. Nintendo released a total of 4 categories of laptopsAlthough counting different models and revisions, there have been many more.

4-Nintendo 3DS

3ds sales

You don’t have to be very smart to realize that if the Nintendo 3DS is the “worst-selling” console of all the portables launched by Nintendo, it is because the brand’s trajectory in launching portable consoles has been excellent. The 3DS today has many people who continue to use it and its main novelty was, as its name suggests, the possibility of playing many games in 3D which was incredible for the time.

This figure includes all Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS models.

  • Consoles sold: 75.77 million.
  • Games sold: 383.11 million.

3- Game Boy Advance

sale gameboyadvance

Personally, this is Nintendo’s favorite laptop. Nail console with an incredibly good catalog and that it had no competitor in the market capable of standing up to it.

Includes all models and revisions including Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Micro.

  • Consoles sold: 81.51 million.
  • Games sold: 377.42 million.

2- Game Boy

gameboy sales

I get goosebumps listening to Game Boy. I, who was born in the 90s, is a machine that I remember with immense fondness. The first portable computer in history, a console that was incredibly successful and achieved sales that were unthinkable at the time.Well, if passing 100 million consoles today may be easier, back then it was something totally unthinkable.

  • Consoles sold: 118.69 million.
  • Games sold: 501.11 million.

Also includes Game Boy Color sales.

1-Nintendo DS

nintendods sales

The best-selling console in Nintendo history. It seemed impossible that Nintendo could come up with a more capable handheld than the Game Boy Advance enjoyed, but boy did it. The Nintendo DS arrived on the market with incredible power, thanks also to the fact that it has perhaps the best catalog of video games of all time on a console.

Includes all models and revisions.

  • Consoles sold: 154.02 million.
  • Games sold: 948.69 million.

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