The manga of “Tokyo avengers“was by far one of the big hits of the past 2022, but with this format concluded now, it remains to be seen how things progress in the anime. Indeed, this season 2 focused on the ‘Christmas Showdown’ or what amounts to the same, the arc that pits Toman against Black Dragon. However, there are still a few story arcs to go, so I’ll give it a try next. everything about a potential season 3 of the anime.

Here’s What Things Look Like For A Season 3 Of Tokyo Revengers

First thing said, write the following now in reference to a possible season 3 of the anime “Tokyo Revengers”:

  • To start, it’s time to remember that the first season of Tokyo Revengers had a total of 26 anime episodes, which is double what this season 2 will have with 13 episodes..
  • In these first 26 episodes a total of 73 manga chapters have been adaptedwhich is about a quarter (slightly more) of the total length of the Tokyo Revengers manga covered.
  • For its part, the current arc of Black Dragon had a total of 44 chapters in the manga, which have been adapted into 13 anime. This extension was EXACTLY the same as with the Valhalla arc. However, the next Tokyo Revengers story arc changes things up a bit.
Tokyo Revengers always pushes someone as limited as Takemichi to the limit
  • The arc after Black Dragon is Tenjiku, and in the manga it lasted 64 chapters. As we can see, it lasted practically the same in terms of chapters as everything we saw adapted in the first season of Tokyo Revengers.
  • Will we then see a season of +20 episodes of Tokyo Revengers? Well, that I’m just raising this, I think it also makes you realize that YES, THERE WILL BE SEASON 3 OF TOKYO REVENGERS. Not because someone confirmed it to me, but because it only makes sense.
  • But coming back to the issue of the season 3 expansion, I personally wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to split it on another side. 2 parts of about 11 episodes each. Basically, I don’t see Tokyo Revengers returning to the +20 episode format after this season 2.

With the “Tokyo Revengers” manga over, there’s really no reason anime seasons can’t be announced often enough. For that, I wouldn’t be surprised if the third season was announced soon after the conclusion of season 2.. Now you know what’s in store for us from Toman in the immediate future, but the big question remains how it will be handled in the TV format.

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