Andrea Almirón de Pauli will compete for the post of governor of Tierra del Fuego

After his last visit to Chubut, where he again showed a crowd who went to receive him, the deputy Javier Miley will return to Patagonia in the coming weeks to express their support for their allies in Tierra del Fuego, who will hold an event this weekend announcing their candidates, among which, surprisingly, a shepherdess who will compete for the post of governor has appeared.

In addition, in the face of local elections, the leader of La Libertad Avanza could also travel to Tucumán in May, where Ricardo Bussi He has already launched his campaign for the presidency of the province with a spot in favor of the free bearing of arms.

The referent of republican forcethe party with which the liberal economist agreed in this northern province, recently published a video on its social networks in which, with a strong criticism of insecurity, it urged to “defend our families against criminals” .

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“That the next life that is lost is not yours,” Bussi says, looking at the camera, in the short film in which he can be seen shooting himself in the middle of the mountains, while on the screen his image is intercut with scenes of violent assaults with criminals beating their victims.

In the short film, the contestant himself is seen practicing shooting with a gun

The spot ends with the slogan “the first battle”, in reference to the general elections to be held there on May 14, in which the son of the late repressor and former comptroller and governor of Tucumán, Antonio Domingo Bussiwill seek to succeed the current president, the former chief of staff of the Nation, Juan Manzourwhich on this occasion will be presented again, but accompanying its vice in the formula, Osvaldo Jaldo.

A few days before the elections, Milei could visit the province again, as he had already done in October last year, when he led a public event in Alberdi Square, where, in front of a photograph of Juan Bautista Alberdi, the economist assured that he would be “the next president”.

“On May 8, Javier Milei arrives in Tucumán!”, Bussi recently wrote on his Twitter account, although, according to what they clarified to GlobeLiveMedia According to sources close to the economist, this date is not yet confirmed.

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However, before that, the national deputy will go on April 13 Land of Firewhere this Wednesday the Republican Party, with which La Libertad Avanza agreed, closed the lists of candidates that they will present in an act to be held this Saturday at the Club Sportivo hall, located in Belgrano at 1130, in the city of Rio Grande.

Finally, at the last minute, it was decided that the one who would compete for the governorship of Fuegian would be the shepherdess Andrea Almiron de Pauliwho leads the Christian church Hay Vida en Jesús with her husband, and will be accompanied by the businessman Sebastien Galdeano.

Andrea Almirón de Pauli is a leading pastor in a church in Río Grande
Andrea Almirón de Pauli is a leading pastor in a church in Río Grande

For its part, Augustin Cotowho rang to lead this formula and even accompanied Milei in several acts, will go first on the ballot to lawmakers, followed by Natalia Grace. Besides, Ricardo Forgionepresident of the Republicans of this province, will compete for the town hall of Ushuaia, while July marketformer secretary of local agro-industry and fisheries, will do the same in Río Grande.

As detailed at this outlet by Fuegian space sources, after several negotiations Coto decided to step out of the gubernatorial contest after he felt “he will better accompany” the front vying for Legislature, given the need for a strong block in the enclosure. , in case of obtaining a bank.

The leader has been with Milei in recent months: he participated, for example, in the last political act of the libertarian leader of 2022, which took place in mid-December last in Neuquén, where he was photographed in the company of various candidates for management in Patagonia. districts.

There are several models of the doll in the offices of La Libertad Avanza
There are several models of the doll in the offices of La Libertad Avanza

On Instagram live when the national deputy’s final draw for his salary aired monthly, it was striking that as the March winner was being chosen, the economist lifted a doll that was on his office and which is a replica of him, with cartoonish features, holding a chainsaw.

From what he could find out GlobeLiveMediathe toy in question, which represents the presidential candidate’s proposal to cut public spending, was the brainchild of a social media user who made an early 3D sketch and shared it on Twitter.

The image reached the head of the Libertarian Party, Lilia Lemoine, Milei’s personal friend, who contacted the author and asked for permission to make it. This is how several models of this doll were made, one of which ended up being offered as a gift to journalist Viviana Canosa, also close to the opposition leader.

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