Markings known as “doughnuts” and dangerous maneuvers returned to the streets of Compton this weekend.

But then came the vandalism of this gas station on the corner of Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue

“It was already the worst thing they could have done, attacking the integrity of my partner,” said Francisco Jacobo, a gas station employee who says he “locked himself in the bathroom. bain and called the police, called my manager and waited for help”. , I could not do anything”.

But this group, which exceeded 200 people, went to avenue Rosecrans where a birrieria, a chicken coop and a laundry were also looted.

“This morning, the new cook told me that everything was bankrupt, that the money was missing and that they had robbed the front door,” said Digna Samaniego, owner of one of the businesses concerned.

For his part, Miguel Meza, spokesperson for the LASD, declared that “so far there have been no arrests. We have investigators, detectives and sheriffs patrolling trying to get more information and to get information from these people who have taken things from these companies.

But the community is outraged by these acts of vandalism and street takeover that threaten the safety of the city.

“My brother had nothing to do with it and he was a victim of it, he was 27. They killed my little brother and it’s not fair. You don’t know how painful it is to see your mother having to burying your son is not fair,” Cindy Enamorado said through tears.

She is the sister of Raymond Olivares, who was fatally run over on February 19 by one of the participants in this type of race.

Cindy attended a community meeting with the authorities on Saturday evening in which they are asking for a solution to this problem.

“Yeah, we talked to them and what they expressed was that there’s no funds and there’s no staff,” Cindy said.

Miguel Meza of LASD said “we feel like our hands are tied because we haven’t been able to do what we wanted to do, which is to help people and stop these individuals”.

The commitment is to unite the various law enforcement agencies, assured Officer Meza. “What we want is, now in this meeting that they had, to see what we can do to stop what they are doing in the streets, because in the community they are already fed up with the same thing.”

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