Video captured by residents of the Madison Point apartment complex in Naranja shows them looking for a place to park overnight. We see how all the parking spaces of the cast are occupied, forcing some to leave their cars in the street and badly parked.

Raiza Reyes, who lives in Madison Point, says it’s a very hip place and management is generally very responsive to any issues they encounter.

“I have no complaints about this. The problem is that they did not take into account the condominium parking spaces, which is very unfortunate because you arrive tired from work and you cannot even find a parking space. And if you put it in the wrong parking lot, the tow truck comes and takes it and the car doesn’t wake up,” says Reyes.

The apartment complex opened last year and residents say the problems only started recently.

Something that fellow Madison Point resident Miguel Castro points out, “they tow cars here every day…at first I didn’t see too much of a problem because there were fewer of us, but as time went by as the neighbors moved out, parking drastically decreased.” .”

“Sometimes I have to take a taxi so I don’t lose the parking space we have,” says Madison Point resident Giseyden Borrego.

Residents say that beyond the inconvenience, the situation is costing them dearly. “We waste time looking for the car, paying and we can’t go to work that day. And they don’t provide a solution,” says Raiza Reyes.

The solution proposed by the management was to give them a vignette per inhabitant so that they could park. “But it turns out that the parking lots are full when you arrive by car without a sticker. So they tow the cars that have stickers that are parked on the street because they have no other choice,” explains Miguel Castro.

When we contacted building management, they said they were “aware of the parking issues”, adding, “Royal American Management manages the property, but we were not involved in the construction of the building or in the planning that contributed to the design of the parking lot. The number of assigned parking spaces is in accordance with Miami-Dade County regulations.

When we contacted Miami-Dade County, they stated that “the code requirement for this property calls for 166 parking spaces. The developer provided 182 inches.

Real estate attorney Juan “JJ” Perez says every unit in a complex isn’t required to have assigned parking. “What the law says is that you have to comply with the zoning of that area, because different areas have different zoning,” Perez says.

So in this case, even though Madison Point has 263 apartments, they can have 182 parking spaces and apply the rules they already have.

The lawyer explains that, in any condominium, management can enforce its rules as long as it does so fairly.

“In other words, they can’t pick a family or a group of people and apply the rules and laws to them and that group of people or those families don’t do the same thing if they make the same mistakes. You You have to do the same for everyone in the community. If they don’t do it that way, they lose the right to enforce those rules,” says real estate attorney Juan “JJ” Perez.

Our team contacted the company that tows the vehicles and they said they are contracted by different condos and owners to enforce their rules. They sent us a photo of the spectator’s vehicle who had originally written to us showing it was incorrectly parked but out of courtesy they returned the money.

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