The Argentinian artist has surprised his fans with a new musical release. Tiago PZK once again opened his heart to us through music, and this time he did it with Slow.

Our protagonist gets carried away by the rhythms of trap to talk about fame, how dangerous it can be at times, and his rise in the industry to become an artist with wings who already flies alone. “Sometimes I shut up when I’m down; but I don’t live in slow motion anymore (Yeah), in slow motion (Yeah); money never covers the pain (Pain); listen, mama, I can fly, yay -yay (Fly, yeah), fly, yay-yay (Fly, yeah); Sometimes I shut up when I’m wrong,” say some of the verses of this Zecca-produced song.

Besides, Slow is accompanied by a video clip with visuals of all kinds. In the images, he plays with some effects while Tiago walks the streets surrounded by his family and shows some moments from his career.

Indeed, in relation to this message to stay close to his roots, the artist wanted to be clear on his social networks. “It’s a piece of my heart for all of you, who made me achieve all these things. I am where I am thanks to the people who fund me and I will always continue just for you. Enjoy this little gift” , he said. in his Instagram stories.

“To all the girls and boys who dream of going far, never forget your essence, what takes you where you are going, it is an industry that at some point necessarily wants to turn you into a product and it does not NEVER stop singing to your heart, beyond millions of plays, money, when those worries go away, all that’s left to do is stay true to who you are on the inside.” he adds.

The theme was very well received by the fans of the artist. And you what do you think ? Slow?

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